Hungarian citizens can request for biometric passports at the Consulate.

After examining the personal data and the citizenship of the applicant, the Consulate forwards the passport request electronically to the Ministry of Interior of Hungary.   

In order to submit the passport request, applicants must book an appointment via our online booking system and bring the necessary documents.

During the application, biometric data (photo, fingerprints, signature) will be collected from the applicant.

The fees of passport can only be paid by card at the Consulate (see our website: Consular information – Consular fees).

The applicant can ask for the collection of the new passport via the Consulate.

Documents requested:

  • ID document (passport or ID card)
  • Document proving Hungarian citizenship
  • If applicable, old/expired passport

For children under the age of 12:

  • 1 passport size photo (with white background)
  • ID documents of the parents, proving personal data and Hungarian citizenship as well
  • ID document of the child
  • If applicable, old/expired passport
  • If only one parent is present, official power of attorney from the parent not present agreeing to submit the passport request