Some documents to be used in Hungary might need further authentication/legalisation by the Hungarian consular officer. Legalisation of signature means that the client has to sign the document in front of the consul or the signature shall be acknowledged by the client as his/her own signature. During the process, the consular officer does not examine the content of the document and is not responsible for it.

If the client is representing a legal entity or any other organization without legal personality, he/she must be able to prove the right to represent that specific entity with a document not older than 30 days, which also certifies that the company is registered by the commercial court.


The consul can also create authenticated copy or copies of documents. During authentication, the consular officer is not responsible for neither the content, nor the authenticity of the document, he/she only certifies that the copy of the document is identical with the original one presented in front of him/her.


The consul can further certify that a translation is in full conformity with the attached document. Legalised translations made by the consular officer can be used in procedures before any Hungarian authority.

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