Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship - visa process

Dear Applicants,

If you received a notification from the Tempus Public Foundation about your Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship for the Academic year 2019-20, you need to apply for a visa to enter Hungary. You can start the visa process, when you have:

  • The final Letter of Award of the Tempus Public Foundation;
  • The Letter of Admission of the University.

After obtaining these documents please, take the following steps:

1. Apply online for a visa appointment at our Consulate for any Sunday or Tuesday starting from 30th of June, 2019. You can make an appointment here: → Jordan → Application for national permanent residence.

2. Complete, sign and scan the application form together with its appendix and forward them with a copy of your passport and the documents mentioned in point 3. below via email to (only scanned documents in pdf. format can be accepted). Please mention in the subject of your e-mail only your name and the date of appointment.

3. Appear at the Consulate (24 Hani Al-Akasheh Street, Abdoun, Amman 11181) at the time you have reserved, bringing the confirmation on your online appointment and the following original documents:

  • Letter of Award of the Tempus Public Foundation;
  • Letter of Admission of the University;
  • Valid passport - the passport validity must exceed the planned stay in the Schengen area by at least three months and must have been issued within the past ten years;
  • one passport size photo - with white background that shows face features completely, not older than six months;
  • Application forms completed;
  • Travel insurance covering one month from the planned departure to Hungary;
  • For those who will pursue Bachelor and Master studies: your certified bank statements (in English) or of your parents’ or guardians’ and a commitment letter (incl. from the parent or guardian) to provide support during your studies in Hungary (original, in English); copy of the passport or ID of the parent or guardian;
  • For those who will pursue PhD studies: personal certified bank statements (in English).
  • The English version of tawjihi and / or diplomas.


The visa is free of charge.

The Consular Section is looking forward to receiving you.