31 Aug

Persons entitled to the same rights as Hungarian citizens and allowed to enter Hungary:

  •           family members of Hungarian citizens (irrespective of nationality);
  •           persons entitled to permanent residence in Hungary and their family members;
  •           persons holding a valid residence permit or a valid “D” type visa.


Upon border crossing, persons must undergo a medical examination:  

  •       if the outcome of the examination leads to any suspicion of COVID-19, the person is not allowed to enter Hungary;
  •       if there is no suspicion of COVID-19, upon entry persons would quarantined for 14 days by the epidemiological authority.


Persons in mandatory quarantine can request carrying out tests (SARS-CoV-2 test), and may leave the quarantine with the permission of the epidemiological authority , if the results of two tests (conducted within five days on two occasions with an interval of at least 48 hours) confirm that coronavirus was not detectable in the person’s body at the time of the examinations. Tests conducted before arrival to Hungary will not be accepted and the cost of tests should be paid by the applicants, except for SH students.